Faux Pas Gallery is seeking artists for an exhibit opening during the Rochelle Christmas Walk. “Éminence Grise” is the theme, which translates to grey eminence, essentially meaning an anonymous ruler – a powerful leader who is no figurehead.   All forms of media are acceptable for this exhibit.

The gallery is located nearly 80 miles west of Chicago — at 308 Lincoln Hwy, Rochelle, IL — the town at the intersection of I-39 and I-88.


We ask 30% commission for work sold, so to determine retail price factor in your cost multiplied by 10 and divided by 7.
Example: $350 is your portion, so [ 350 10 ÷ 7 = 500 ] — that makes the selling price $500.

Retail price vs artist’s 70% portion  (Please adjust your prices to retail.)

$10 == 7
$20 == 14
$30 == 21
$40 == 28
$50 == 35
$60 == 42
$70 == 49
$80 == 56
$90 == 63

We catalogue the art from our shows on our website. If your art doesn’t sell during the exhibit, we still may be able to facilitate the sale of your work, in which case we would ask for 10% commission (of the selling price minus the transaction fee). Assuming the work is still available and of course there’s also the issue of delivery.

Submit Your Work

The deadline for submissions is midnight November 11th.  Drop off will be Sunday November 25th from 10:am to 8:pm. Submit up to 5 works using the form on this page, then gather up to 5 jpg images of your work (yourname_title.jpg) as described in your entry form and email them to curator@fauxpasgallery.com.

Questions can be emailed to curator@fauxpasgallery.com. Please include titles, prices, and dimensions for each piece, along with an artist statement.